Upcoming projects


Balik Arts is delighted to partner with IPTA (Projects and Ideas for Active Youth Romania) for Peace with Me, a project aiming to promote a preventive approach in managing conflict and violence among young people. We are looking for UK based participants aged 18+ to join colleagues from Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Turkey, North Macedonia & Italy on what promises to be an enlightening and exciting week.

It is expected to take place before the end of 2022!


Actors for Change aims to bring together and empower young people from the UK and Turkey in Bodrum, Turkey, by engaging them in discussions around social issues, violence in particular. The project will help participants in gaining skills, knowledge and attitudes to express themselves; and introducing them to forum theatre as a participatory art form and as a method of addressing social issues. Violence in various spheres of life, but especially violence within the education system i.e. towards teachers and other students, will be the main but not exclusive topic of the project.

We expect that young people and their leaders will apply their learning in their work with the community, particularly disadvantaged young people, as forum theatre is also known as the ‘theatre of the oppressed’. Moreover, some tutors who already have theatre experience will learn about forum theatre practices for the first time and hopefully utilise them in their work.

Forum Theatre (also known as ‘popular theatre’ or ‘participatory theatre’) is a type of theatre created by the innovative and influential practitioner Augusto Boal, one of the techniques under the umbrella term of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). This relates to the engagement of spectators influencing and engaging with the performance as both spectators and actors, termed ‘spect-actors’, with the power to stop and change the performance. As part of TO, the issues dealt with in Forum Theatre are often related to areas of social justice with aims to explore solutions to oppression featured in the performance.

It is expected to take place before the end of 2022!


Trento, Italy and Cambridge, UK! Our ‘Film Beyond Borders’ project has also been approved by the National Agency Erasmus+ UK! Film Beyond Borders is a two part youth exchange project in partnership with Religion Today Film Festival in Italy and Balık Sanat Derneği in Turkey. The first part will take place in Trento in September 2021 during the Religion Today festival. The second part will coincide with the third edition of Taste of Anatolia – Films from Turkey. As Coronavirus is still with us we will be required to take into account both UK & Italian governmental advice regarding international travel and the exchanges may be postponed to safer times. Please follow our page for the announcements about the application process.


Fantastic news! Our ‘Climate Action’ project has been approved by Erasmus+ ! It will take place in Brindisi, Italy in 2022. Our partners are Balık Sanat Derneği in Istanbul, Antalya Orkidelerini ve Biyolojik Çeşitliliği Koruma Derneği in Antalya and Naukleros in Brindisi.
We will attempt to raise the ecological awareness of a wider group of young Europeans, educate them on the topic of climate change and environmental protection. We have chosen to work in Italy as it is leading education for young people with compulsory education around climate change in schools. Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti of Italy’s Five Star Movement (with a history of environmental concern and grassroots activism) is putting in place an economic policy that goes beyond the GDP debate. Sustainability, natural capital accounting and the economics of wellbeing are central. Another goal of the project is to involve young people in taking action and show them that they can have a real impact on policy makers in their own country. Partners will educate the young people during this project with hands on activities and theoretical knowledge that will provide them with tools to become young climate advocates and activists.


We are simply ecstatic! Our youth workers’ training project ‘Wind of Change’ has been approved by the National Agency for Erasmus+ UK! We have been planning this project since the summer of 2019 having seen the problems faced by Windrush Generation in the UK and felt even greater need to promote respect for one another, diversity and reconciliation, which are topics we love working with in our projects. Our partners are from Turkey, Romania, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), France (Guadeloupe) and Anguilla. Assessment feedback starts with the following: ‘The project Wind of Change is very relevant to the objectives of Erasmus+ and the needs of youth workers and participating organisations. It is also suitable of promoting European values of tolerance and respect of human rights, as well as the participation of Overseas Countries and Territories in the Programme, which is very good. The proposal is clear, focuses on an interesting thematic concept which is often overlooked…’