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“The experience I had with Balik Arts changed my life completely. I was first involved in Music Beyond Barriers project in Istanbul. I had an amazing experience and decided to volunteer for Balik Arts. In the following year, I moved to the UK for my studies where I had an opportunity to work with Balik Arts closely. During this period, I learned many valuable skills; fundraising, project management, impact assessment and reporting. Also, I discovered that I wanted to work in the third sector thanks to the encouragement from the Balik Arts team. The skills and experience that I gained with Balik Arts played a crucial role in my career, perspective, and happiness. Now, I am working as a Child Protection Field Assistant in UNICEF Gaziantep Field Office in Southeast Turkey. Without Balik Arts, my life would not be the same. Thank you, Balik Arts!”



“Volunteering for Balık Arts was one of the most invigorating and enjoyable experiences of my life. Initially I did some box-office and publicity duties but this soon blossomed into an international project “Back to the Roots” which took me to Germany, France and Turkey as part of this project. I was even able to represent Balık Arts as a leader in Germany.”



“The work that I’ve done with Balik Arts has been fantastic; I’ve developed skills and gained experience in a world that I would otherwise have had very little exposure to. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and learn at the same time. From both a personal and professional perspective, Balik Arts has become very important to me, and I look forward to any work we do together in the future.”



“I’ve had an unbelievable fun journey with Balik Arts. Due to the opportunities they offer, other participants and l managed to break down the language barriers and made new friends. They helped me understand other cultures, introduced me to delicious foods and due to them l gathered memories that l will cherish forever.”