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Çiğdem Aslan & She'Koyokh in Cambridge

Screening of the Documentary "For the Record: the World Tribunal on Iraq"

Taste of Anatolia - Films from Turkey (Cambridge)

27nd - 29nd September 2019

Reel Skills Film Making And Screening Project

4-13 May in Bodrum Turkey / 30 August - 8 September in Cambridge

Film Screenings

DAHA (25 April Rio Cinema) / ZER (20-25 April Cineworld Woodgreen)

Social Entrepreneurship without Borders

A fantastic training project that took place in Katowice/Poland in Bakuriani/Georgia

"The Hamlets"

A pop-up cinema and training project in Tower Hamlets

"The Hamlets Project"

A pop-up cinema and training project in Tower Hamlets

Film with a View

I would like to be kept informed about future The Hamlets events;

Dhaka International Film Festival

We are proud to be part of the Programming Team of Dhaka International Film Festival

Climate Action 2016

Climate Action: a filmmaking project looking into the effects of climate change. Held in Svalbard, Norway

Music Beyond Barriers

A cross border musical project bringing young people from across Europe together to explore culture and identity through music and filmmaking


Golden Island International Film Festival, commissioned to Balık Arts, took place in Cyprus in 2014.

A Taste of Anatolia

Screenings of films from Turkey in Cambridge If you wish to submit your films for consideration please email:

Get involved


Volunteering is at the heart of Balık Arts. Our volunteers learn new skills, and benefit from work experience and training opportunities. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us, please email us at

Sponsor us

We are looking for commercial sponsorship for a number of projects, from film festivals to fashion projects. To contact Balik Arts about our current sponsorship opportunities, please email us at

French interns 🇫🇷

Sophie Raynaud

2011 May-July

Degrees obtained 🎓
-L3 Gestion / Management degree
-Master 1 Sciences du Management / first year of master’s degree in management science
-Master 2 Management International / second year of master’s degree in International Management

Current position: specialist in natural referencing and search engine optimization (SEO), after her master 2, she moved to Australia. 

Morgane Pianet

2011 May-July:

Degrees obtained 🎓
-Master Ressources Humaines / Master’s degree Human Ressources

Current position: manager in France

“My internship in Balik Arts will always be a good memory. It was such a pleasure to meet Yesim, to work with her and to participate to many events ! I am really happy to see that many students are still working for Balik Arts ! ”

Julien Tabuteau

2011 May-July:

Degrees obtained 🎓
-Master 1 Marketing & Stratégique / Master’s degree in Marketing & Strategy
-Master 2 Commerce International / 2nd year of masters degree in international management

Current position: floor manager in Pency and Founders (Hospitality in London)

Jeanne Heuveline

2012 April-August:

Degrees obtained 🎓
-L3 Gestion / Management degree
-Master 2 Management des Ressources Humaines / second year of master’s degree in Humans Ressources

Current position: Chargée des Ressources Humaines dans l’industrie chimique / Human Resources Manager in the chemical industry

“Les 4 mois au sein de Balik Arts ont été très riches humainement car ponctués de pleins de rencontres et la découverte d’une autre culture. Yesim est une personne d’une très grande gentillesse et bienveillante. Elle a toujours été à l’écoute de nos idées, nous a impliqué dans les différents évènements et missions. La découverte de l’univers de Balik Arts mélangée avec l’immersion à Londres restera une très belle expérience professionnelle et personnelle.”

Pierre-Charles Bruchet

2012 April-August:

Degrees obtained 🎓
–L3 Gestion / Management degree
-Master 2 Systèmes D’information Et Contrôle De Gestion / second year of master’s degree Information Systems And Management Control

“Expérience enrichissante dans cette association, aussi bien du point de vu linguistique qu’humain. Entouré de personnes généreuses et accueillantes, j’ai pu parfaire mon anglais et découvrir le milieu associatif qui ne m’était pas familier.” 

“An enriching experience in this charity, both linguistically and humanely. Surrounded by generous and welcoming people, I was able to improve my English and discover the associative environment that was unfamiliar to me.” 

Elise Coiffard

2015 April-July:

Degrees obtained 🎓
-L3 Gestion / Management degree
-Master Systèmes Intelligents Communicants / Master’s degree Intelligent Communicating Systems

“J’ai rencontré Yesim grâce à au stage qui se déroulait à Cambridge. J’ai commencé à travailler avec elle dans son association Balik Arts, au début je ne savais pas vraiment de quoi cela relever. Et puis j ai compris, j’étais moi-même dans la même situation, une arrivante en Angleterre et qui essaye de s’intégrer grâce à des événements et avec de super personnes. Cette expérience, je ne l’oublie pas, j ai rencontré des personnes formidables, des cultures différentes, des styles différents, des langues différentes, et pourtant si proches tous réunis autour de la musique. Yesim m’a également invité l’année suivante à venir à Istanbul pour l’événement de musique. Une autre aventure inoubliable.”

“I met Yesim through the internship in Cambridge. I started working with her in her charity Balik Arts, at first I didn’t really know what it was all about. And then I understood, I was in the same situation myself, a newcomer to England who tries to integrate through events and with great people. This experience, I do not forget, I met wonderful people, different cultures, different styles, different languages, and yet so close all gathered around music. Yesim also invited me the following year to come to Istanbul for the music event. Another unforgettable adventure.”

Martin Fetiveau

2017 April-July:

Degrees obtained 🎓
-L3 Gestion / Management degree
-master Ingénierie Financière / Master’s degree in Financial Engineering

“Balik Arts porté par Yesim, offre de belles expériences humaines et culturelles dont je me souviendrais longtemps. Avant d’arriver, je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre mais au bout de trois mois j’ai eu du mal a quitter Cambridge en laissant tout les projets commencés. Encore aujourd’hui, Balik Arts reste un très beau souvenir sur tous les plans.”

“Balik Arts, by Yesim, offers beautiful human and cultural experiences that I will remember for a long time. Before I arrived, I didn’t really know what to expect, but after three months I had trouble leaving Cambridge and leaving all the projects started. Even today, Balik Arts remains a very beautiful memory in every respect.”

Melvin Denechere

2017 April-July:

Degrees obtained 🎓
-L3 Gestion / Management degree
-Master Ressources Humaines / Master’s degree in Human Ressources

Current position: Chef de projet junior en ingénierie de formation dans une société d’assurances française à Rennes à 80% de mon temps et 20% restant en formation de dernière année de Master Ressources Humaines à l’I.A.E. de Poitiers / Junior project manager in training engineering in a French insurance company in Rennes at 80% of my time and 20% remaining in final year training of Master Human Resources at the I.A.E. of Poitiers.

“I’ve spent very great moments during 3 months at Balik Arts. I’ve learn a lot about charity running, film and cinema projects and community management and.. Turkish culture. Also, thanks to Yesim, I’ve could approve my English language, become proud of my capacity to speak with other friends in Cambridge. Yesim was very present for us during all our journey in Cambridge. She was very comprehensive. She was like my English mother during my internship and it could be different without her. I wish a lot of happiness to Yesim, his family and Balik Arts. See you 😊”

Past Volunteers


“The experience I had with Balik Arts changed my life completely. I was first involved in Music Beyond Barriers project in Istanbul. I had an amazing experience and decided to volunteer for Balik Arts. In the following year, I moved to the UK for my studies where I had an opportunity to work with Balik Arts closely. During this period, I learned many valuable skills; fundraising, project management, impact assessment and reporting. Also, I discovered that I wanted to work in the third sector thanks to the encouragement from the Balik Arts team. The skills and experience that I gained with Balik Arts played a crucial role in my career, perspective, and happiness. Now, I am working as a Child Protection Field Assistant in UNICEF Gaziantep Field Office in Southeast Turkey. Without Balik Arts, my life would not be the same. Thank you, Balik Arts!”


“Volunteering for Balık Arts was one of the most invigorating and enjoyable experiences of my life. Initially I did some box-office and publicity duties but this soon blossomed into an international project “Back to the Roots” which took me to Germany, France and Turkey as part of this project. I was even able to represent Balık Arts as a leader in Germany.”


“The work that I’ve done with Balik Arts has been fantastic; I’ve developed skills and gained experience in a world that I would otherwise have had very little exposure to. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and learn at the same time. From both a personal and professional perspective, Balik Arts has become very important to me, and I look forward to any work we do together in the future.”


“I’ve had an unbelievable fun journey with Balik Arts. Due to the opportunities they offer, other participants and l managed to break down the language barriers and made new friends. They helped me understand other cultures, introduced me to delicious foods and due to them l gathered memories that l will cherish forever.”


Balik Arts Team

Angela Kirk
Yeşim Güzelpınar
Fiona Crehan
Board Member
Hakan Eğri
Financial Advisor
Elizabeth Orrin
Assistant to the Director
Saadet Türkmen
Fashion and Disabilities Projects Coordinator
Manon Nardeux
Assistant to the Director (University of Poitiers intern)



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