Our Vision


Balik Arts’ vision is that all disadvantaged children and young people will have access to arts, education and training which broaden their horizons and enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence.


Our Values






Upcomıng Projects

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Ongoıng Projects

Former Projects


As a volunteer at Balık Arts, you could choose to be involved in the general management and administrative work of the charity or have a more specific role such as publicity and promotion, fundraising, event planning, or translation.

Applicants can be any age from 17 upwards. Our volunteers have different motivations such as improving their CV and job prospects or giving something back to the community at large, including those in other countries.


As an intern at Balık Arts, you would help develop, run or evaluate projects and events in the UK or abroad. This may include transnational youth exchanges, film festivals and/or youth workers’ training. You could develop skills in the fields of management, graphic design, event planning, filmmaking and more.

We offer intern places to those who may need to complete an internship as part of their studies or for work experience. All of our volunteer internships are UK-based and last for 4-26 weeks.

TASTE OF ANATOLIA – Films From Turkey

A showcase of the culture and the arts from Turkey

A stimulating environment for young people to learn about the industry

Set in a historical hotspot, namely the city of Cambridge

Centre of academic excellence underpins the qualty and themes of the film festival and its discussions

Bring more award-winning films produced in Turkey to UK audiences

A programme of films with a focus on social themes, such as;

issues faced by young people

intercultural dialogue




Future Business Centre, Kings Hedges Road
Cambridge, CB4 2HY, UK